Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★★

A film that has this many stars and this much hype was always going to get critically mauled, especially in light of the fact that Marvel can do no wrong publicly and DC continue to be under a tighter scrutiny that it should be. A shame really. Everyone wanted this to succeed but actually the critics were busy sharpening their knives. Yet despite the drubbing it got from the critics it still became one of the biggest films of the year. This should speak volumes of the critical struggle DC face.

Yes, the plot is shaky with some huge plot holes. Some people hold the fact that we never actually find out what the world ending machine is all about but do we need to? How many other films can you explain the device of doom in? Hardly any, so why are we so bothered about it in this film? The critics tell us to be.

Truth be told this is a fun action movie with a more adult twist than what DC offer us and it is a lot of fun. A popcorn movie in the same vein as Independence Day. A film which people accept as ludicrous but still enjoy. Why can't we do the same with this film?

Robbie comes out with all the plaudits here and deservedly so, but actually both Kinnaman and Courtney deserve credit. Taking 2D characters and in Kinnamans case giving him a heart and soul and in Courtney's case injecting a bit of anarchistic fun. Really enjoyed watching them both.

Affleck is enjoying the fact that he gets to show up and be Batman. Let him. It works.

Now, Leto and the Joker. Obviously he is no Heath Ledger nor does he try to be. Leto brings a gangster for the modern superhero world. Something we haven't seen before but something that DC are doing well, bringing their characters into this modern day world. He doesn't get the screen time people wanted but we need to remember, like Batman, this wasn't his movie. I hope to see him turn up throughout DC properties in the future. You can never capture or kill the Joker, Bats just has to manage him and stay alive so there remains balance between good and evil. There can be no winner, so let's not force one. Let them turn up and create chaos, after all, that's what the Joker does for Batman and what Batman does for villains.

Come on. These are superhero movies. Let's stop over thinking and analysing this. Nolan gave us a superhero for the thinker, it was great but it's over now. Let's sit back and enjoy a bit of simple anarchistic fun.

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