The Death of Stalin ★★★★★

Second watch, this time at home. Did I enjoy this film as much the second time? Yes, yes I did. But this time I got to see just how dark this film is. It's still one of the funniest films I have seen and I think it's one I of the funniest films made in modern cinema. I knew it was dark when I first saw it but on this viewing I see so much more of the darker stuff. I studied Russian history at university and what this film does bring home is the reality of some of the absurdities of the time period. In the film it is the darkest elements that are the truest.

The cast are incredible and each bring their own acting favour to the screen. However, big kudos must be given to Isaacs, Friend and Beale who arguably steal the show. All showing not just comedy depth but acting depth too. Another great example as to why the Oscars need a best ensemble category, this film would have undoubtedly won. A great example of a whole cast putting each other and the film first and it works too!

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