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  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs


    On my second watch I definitely started to love this more. The dialogue is some of Sorkin’s wittiest and the unique plot structure that is more like a play than a film works so well. I had forgotten a lot of the complexities of the father daughter relationship as well. I’m glad that they gave him some reason to sympathize while not ignoring the fact that he was kind of an asshole. I think this is what every biopic should…

  • Airplane!



    Some of the jokes in here have not aged well at all. For me some of this was hit or miss. The stuff that did hit was fucking hilarious though. The first thirty minutes are perfectly chaotic and clever. I after that though I thought the truly great gags were less common. It might just be that I can only take so much of this kind of humor but for me the second half was much less effective. But this is still way funnier than 95% of the shit that’s put out today even with the questionable jokes scattered throughout

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