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  • Seymour: An Introduction

    Seymour: An Introduction


    Interesting, and I loved his playing.  I just wish Hawke had focused more on the musical treasure that he is, and not tried to paint him as some important philosophical shaman.

  • Fellini Satyricon

    Fellini Satyricon


    I sort of knew what I was getting into here, but - ew.

    Christendom couldn’t come fast enough to the Greco-Roman world, as its celebrated literature makes clear.

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  • Sarah Plays a Werewolf

    Sarah Plays a Werewolf


    This seems like a pretty straightforward tragedy about the consequences of abuse when mixed with the already tumultuous emotions of adolescence.  Strong performances make the sad and depressing scenarios more compelling.

  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man


    Some scary and really effective horror scenes, and I loved the sound design.  The plot was a bit long and meandering.  It just didn’t flow in a way that was consistently engaging.  It was as if there were two or three good movies competing to establish the tone and pace and advance the story.  Finally, the ending was vaguely unsatisfying and made the rest of the film, more confusing. I had a good time watching this movie, but I struggled to find something cohesive and really thought provoking to take away.