Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★½

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve pretty much done a 180 on a movie and it won’t be the last. Halloween Kills kind of rocks tbh. 

Let me try to explain:

Friday night I decided to rewatch Halloween 2018 for the first time since I saw it in theaters. Liked it even more this time around. After rewatch I decided I was going to give Halloween Kills another go.

I still have many same issues I did after my first watch, but this time around I didn’t find them so bothersome. Perhaps this time around I was somewhat able to forget/look past them. The acting is still really rough though. Couldn’t get over that lol. You shouldn’t have to see a movie twice to go from disliking to liking it but sometimes that’s how shit goes. 

This new reboot of Halloween was always going to be a trilogy. 2018 did a really good job of being tight and methodical. Building up Laurie and the trauma she’s suffered and how that’s effected her family as well. Myers also gets back into the swing of things after escaping prison. Halloween Kills from start to finish is a Michael Myers unhinged movie. The man is pissed off and he doesn’t care who’s in his way. For being the second film in a trilogy this does a good job of being completely chaotic and off the walls to prepare us for the conclusion. 

From start to finish this is a hardcore slasher movie with a very high body count. It’s gory, it’s violet, and it’s brutal. Out of all the Halloween films this is probably the most insane Michael Myers has been. 

I still have my qualms with this, but at the end of the day it’s a pretty damn entertaining slasher movie with one of the most iconic horror icons of all time.

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