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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    This has to be one of my favourite movies ever now. 
    It has so much heart and soul in it. I love the relationship between Lady Bird and her mom, between her and Jules, between her and her dad and her and the first boyfriend.
    Even when she was with Timothee Chalamet the relationship still felt so authentic. 
    So many of the moments in this movie stand out to me because of their authenticity and how it manages to make me…

  • The Harder They Come

    The Harder They Come


    The effect that this movie has on me is probably unmatchable by any non Jamaican movie simply because of the indescribable effect of seeing the story take place in some of the same places I see everyday
    Ive never experienced the Jamaica in this film but seeing the similarities as well as what has changed over the years was a surreal experience. This is the Jamaica that my parents grew up in and to me this movie was so special…

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  • Ivan's Childhood

    Ivan's Childhood


    Probably the most beautiful black and white cinematography I’ve seen.
    There is an emphasis on lines, angles and depth in terms of constructing the framing and blocking for a shot. I love those beautiful shots of the white trunked trees standing straight up like porcupine quills in the forest, the low angle perspective of the crashed plane and the iconic shots of the jagged, broken pieces of wood framing our protagonist. 
    I also like the use of light and there…

  • Breathless



    Beautiful movie with great performances by the two leads. I love the ending the most. It tied up a consistently well written and enthralling story that captivated me throughout.
    I love the filmmaking techniques on display here and I can see the connections to some of my favourite movies from more modern times.
    I love the shaky handheld camera especially during scenes in which there is still an element of structure either in the framing, blocking, lighting or camera movement.…

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  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer


    Where do I even start. 
    Such a creative and unique use of colours. Like how Tarkovsky movies every shot is like a painting, some of these shots look like comic book panels in the best way possible. In that breath, the whole movie is a completely one of a kind blend of film, video game and cartoon.
     I’ve never seen another movie look like this and it really is a groundbreaking foray into the potentials of digital effects in filmmaking…

  • Roma



    The black and white cinematography is very well done. It never feels boring at all. I like when in a movie, some element that we are used to is taken away or limited which forces the directors to take their use of other elements to another level. For example silent movies, black and white, one shot movies, deaf or blind characters etc. 
    The lighting and camera movements carried the load with this movie and both were excellent. 
    The birth scene…