Suicide Squad ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Nobody should go whatch a super-hero movie with high hopes plot-wise. In that, we've been spoiled by Nolan and his trilogy. Having said that, there are certain criteria that this film doesn't meet.
It is, quite simply, poorly written.
It starts off pretty well, with a fast paced, comic book style character presentation montage. It makes you think the whole movie is going to be this witty and funny. It is not.
The story "progresses" with the squad being formed, and then it becomes confusing: the primary objective, fighting superhumans in case of emergency, becomes lost as one of the members turns on the others to become this uber-witch who controls everything, with the fool-proof plan to keep her at bay - threatening to stab her heart - inevitably failing.
Then the story ends. We all know they're going to save the day and prove us that even bad guys have a humane side. Textbook blockbuster script.
The story is over, but the movie drags on. We have the privilege to witness a series of stereotypical characters and cheesy one-liners.
Two instances:
1) The badass african american woman who has to add "bitch" at the end of the sentence to indicate she means business;
2) The god-fearing mexican full of drug cartel tattos who comes up with the phrase "I already lost my family once, I'm not gonna lose it again". He's referring to the Squad, the members of which he has now known for a day and a half.
Again on the character of Diablo, the screenwriters can't muster up a three-minute tragic backstory almost at the end of the movie and expect me to care about Diablo's sacrifice.
As for Joker, no. I gave all the benefit of the doubt that i could, even with the (again) cheesy "cool" tattoos that should make him suitable to lure in millennials and teenagers, but the character isn't there. Leto's acting is flat. His face motionless and he cuts quite a bad figure compared to Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.
Another honorable mention for his acting to Will Smith even though, alas, he plays himself once again.
In the end, it is painfully apparent how this is just a filler between two Batman movies.

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