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  • Hocus Pocus
  • Scream
  • Poltergeist
  • Coraline
  • Ghostbusters

spooky szn🎃🕸️👻

31 films

for the month of october, I plan to watch one horror/scary/halloween themed film every day. films in order of which…

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Magnolia
  • Pulp Fiction
  • La La Land
  • Schindler's List

films I've rated 5 stars

21 films

all the film's I've rated 5 stars on letterboxd

  • Dune
  • The French Dispatch
  • Eternals
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • House of Gucci

most anticipated upcoming releases of 2021

16 films

films to be released after the time of making this list (14/09/21)

  • He's All That
  • Pulp Fiction
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Before Sunset
  • Before Midnight
  • Frances Ha

Films reccomended to me🍿

40 films

A list of all the film's recommended to me over the years that I'm still yet to watch... I'm sorry.

  • Les Misérables
  • Punch-Drunk Love
  • Bo Burnham: Inside
  • The Notebook
  • The Bélier Family

Films that made me CRY

38 films

yes... I cry a lot. no... this is not all of them.

  • Hamilton
  • Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
  • La La Land
  • Mean Girls
  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Doctor Strange
  • Iron Man 3
  • The Avengers
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

MCU Ranked

22 films


  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter Ranked

8 films

sorry not sorry

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Return of the Jedi

Star Wars Ranked

9 films

(you won’t agree with any of these)

  • Little Women
  • Queen & Slim
  • Joker
  • It Chapter Two
  • Frozen II

Films of 2019

30 films

A simple list of films I, Sophie Hope, have watched in cinema in 2019 as a film lover in training🎬