Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

Here’s what watching this movie stoned feels like: 
pew pew beep la la la la Italy la la la trees la la apricots Oh no Oh God oh fuck is it better to speak or to die Oh Jesus Christ because I wanted you to know ouch ouch OUCH OE EB OW FUCK AGGGHHHHH FUCK Oh fuck I’m so hurt by this oh god look at him looking I’m so sad AHHH THIS IS THE PERFECT MOVIE LOOK AT THESE TWO FUCK LOOK AT THEIR TOES TOGETHER PHHHHHH ITS HAPPENING BREATHE OH GOD FUCK LOOK AT THE MOUNTAINS OH GOD THIS IS GODLY WRITING OH GOD TO BE ABLE TO WRITE LIKE THIS....OH GOD  FUCK YOU MICHAEL STUHLBARG WHY WONT MY FACE STOP DOING THIS THING ITS DOING oh fuck it’s snowing pew pew pew is it a video Ah Fuck it’s over I thought maybe it would just go on forever and I’d never have to think about anything else oh timo timo timmy tim oh little timo boy

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