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  • The Shadow of the Cat

    The Shadow of the Cat


    Standard TEN LITTLE INDIANS-style "wicked relatives scrambling for the inheritance" body count plot buoyed by spooky black-and-white gothic atmosphere and, most importantly, frequent cutaways to a cute cat (or cats) "trained by John Holmes."

  • The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll

    The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll


    The deliriously melodramatic Sirkian impulses hinted at in THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH are on full display in this purple-and-red-hued, overtly sexual, blatantly symbolic, surprisingly musical, over-the-top - but smart and insightful - retelling of the R.L. Stevenson tale.

    Sexually frustrated and lonely Dr. Jekyll transforms himself into rakish playboy, misogynist and sociopath Mr. Hyde in order to take revenge on his philandering wife and her lover: sleazy inveterate gambler Christopher Lee who is wonderful in one of his…

Popular reviews

  • The March of Fools

    The March of Fools


    Like the current crop of mumblecore films about directionless youths struggling with adulthood, 1975's THE MARCH OF FOOLS is the simple story of two misfit college friends trying to figure out life, women, and their futures. Hardly original ground.

    But where the film excels is in its honest depiction of young people finding their own differing ways through a regimented mid-70s Korea that has little tolerance for individuality or love, and forces them into systems that can only be endured…

  • The White Reindeer

    The White Reindeer


    If you're one of those "I love folk horror!" or "I love 50s monster movies!" or "I love witch flicks!" people, here you go. THE WHITE REINDEER is a solidly entertaining and beautifully lensed 1952 horror fantasy "based on pre-Christian Finnish mythology and Sami shamanism set in Finnish Lapland."

    Aside from amazing period outdoor location shooting (worth it for that travelogue aspect alone), you get a pagan idol, a shaman, a shapeshifter, a vampire, a witch or two, and a woman with an insatiable desire for reindeer herders. Newly restored on Blu-ray from Eureka! Films UK - great stuff!