Sound of Metal ★★★★½


*Lots of language* Key to getting an acting Oscar nomination...use lots of language when emotionally distressed lol jk...but seriously...

This is supposed to be pretty great, but is a bit hyped and overrated according to some people. Let’s see. From the trailer it looked pretty good, but I doubt it’s any Whiplash.

Studio Credits words are slightly small.

Has a good quick progression, so it doesn’t get boring right off or keep you waiting.

Ok/Good/Great cinematography that has indie/low budget/A24 vibes. 

I’d like to hear what a deaf person thinks of this film.

I’m not finding the sound to be all that impressive. Could be just me. At certain times it’s quite good. They use filters and such. Probably impressive for non-sound people.

Good song choices.

Subtitles are a little small for my liking and go by a little fast. Words in general are too small.

It’s a little humorous. Pretty sad at times.

Acting is good. Has a natural sort of feel. Great acting by the main character, I guess you could say. 

In my head- “Is this where they’re going to end it? It IS where they’re going to end it. Oh man...are you kidding me?!?!”

It’s the type of film you’d see at a film festival. Pretty great for an indie film, and okay for a Hollywood film (which it’s not). I think if this was a normal film year, it wouldn’t get an Oscar nomination...especially for Best Picture.

Rating: 8.5-9 (on an indie film scale.)



Couldn’t really see anything in the email. Couldn’t tell if it was good or bad. A bit weird. Same with the doctor white board and notes. Most, if not all, words on screen were too small (other than the title).