Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

While it's a blatant ALIENS clone that doesn't take much advantage of its unique Las Vegas premise, there are some fun moments here. The zombie makeup is cool, Ludwig is quirky as the eccentric safecracker, the opening credits montage is fun as fuck (shoulda been whole movie but I'm sure that's too expensive a flick to produce), and Tig Notaro is SO fun in the film. Even as someone who found Chris D'Elia funny before his cancelling, Tig is just too perfect here. She's likel half-assing it, but that's weirdly part of the charm?

What surprised me most is how wooden Bautista is in the main role. Especially in his emotional scenes I was feeling nothing. That's prolly cause those scenes are written so tritely but also I think the lack of musical score in those moments undercuts the emotional potential of those scenes? While I find it admirable when filmmakers go for natural raw sounds I do think a score could've helped those stoic performances.

It seemed SO obvious the whole time that the Tanaka worker was gonna be a double crosser and I was SO hoping they would have a fun subversion of that but played out exactly how it seemed it would. *le sigh*

I know it's funny because Snyder is a super on the nose filmmaker, but I was actually a fan of the Cranberries "Zombie" song drop. I've always felt song lyrics could be repurposed to fit a film's narrative so it works for me. I do wish the movie ended when the song ended because the sequel setup was a meh/predictable ending scene. Wouldn't have minded a happier ending.

OVERALL: Underwhelming in certain aspects, fun in others, this isn't the zombie epic we were hoping for, but it's a fine distraction. Definitely not a worthy universe for Snyder to return to, I hope he moves on to other premises, but my movie nerd ass will inevitably watch any Snyder helmed follow-ups because I as well am a mindless cinephile zombie. :/

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