Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

ladies and gentlemen, the party is over. have a nice apocalypse.

better than god (dethroned him, actually). unlike anything i can possibly process. one of the densest, most complex, singular pieces of media i've ever experienced, & almost certainly the definitive statement on our times. at least once a day i remember that this came out of the hollywood studio system & my brain actively starts trying to destroy itself because it cannot comprehend that, and it can comprehend the vicious negative reaction even less (although the more time i spend alive & the more time i interact with society & culture circa 2019 the more it makes complete & frightening sense). this is the film i need in order to live & it's very possible that i think this is the greatest film ever made. it's unquestionably one of them.

you know that feeling when just knowing a film exists is enough for you to never be doubtful or scared again? and suddenly you feel like you can dance at the end of the world.