Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

I don't know why I keep watching Zack Snyder films, apart from Dawn of the Dead 17 years ago I've never particularly enjoyed any of them .But the trailer did look like it'd be a lot of fun. As ever, trailers can be deceptive.

LA has been shut and bordered up. It's become home to a huge army of zombies, some of whom have developed intelligence and are protective of the city and their own kind. A group of mercenaries are offered the opportunity to make a shit ton of money by going in and cracking a safe. A zombie heist movie then. How can that not be a blast?

First up, the run time. There's simply no reason for this film to be 150 minutes long. It's just a dumb action flick and massively outstays its welcome at this length. The opening 5-10 minutes set the scene quite nicely but then we have to endure an unutterably boring fifty further minutes before the crew even get to the city. And sure, it's admirable that we should get a bit of character building here, to make us care about these people and why they're going in. But it simply doesn't work. I didn't give a shit about any of these people, they're all boring, the dialogue is rubbish and, par for the course with a Snyder film, it's largely devoid of humour. Even when the action kicks in it's stilted, continually breaking away to laughable melodrama that's painful to watch. The zombies themselves are more like the rejects from a Mad Max script than your usual Undead, posing, prancing and cavorting like love struck teenagers. It's daft. I have no problem with daft but the best daft films *know* they're daft. This takes itself too seriously and disappears up its own ass. Perhaps if it had 45 minutes shaved off it would fare better, trim the fat...some of the action scenes are quite entertaining, but overall it completely failed to hold my interest.

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