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  • X-Men



    It has to be at least fifteen years since I last watched X-men. I remember after seeing it in the theater, being so excited afterwards that somebody had not only done a superhero movie right, but the X-men! One of my favorite teams in comics. Watching it now, not only does it still hold up for the most part, but you can see the transition towards what comic book movies would become. Looking forward to revisiting the rest of the series and watching a few I haven't seen yet.

  • House on Haunted Hill

    House on Haunted Hill


    This is a classic midnight movie. More Clue less The Haunting. Price might be the star, but Elisha Cook Jr. steals the movie. Love that creepy theme and sexy Carol Ohmart.

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  • The Death of Superman

    The Death of Superman


    I enjoyed the 2007 version. It was wildly different then the comic and a bit condensed, but still a quality adaption. This one ties into the New 52 universe they've been building up over the last few years. The story doesn't feel as rushed as the 2007 one, there's more time to set up Clark and Lois' romance before Doomsday lands. It was nice seeing the JLA taking on old DD. They were absent from the previous one.

  • Grim



    Rawhead Rex's shut in cousin. I remember renting this sucker back in the day and it's VHS box.