• Galactic Gigolo

    Galactic Gigolo


    Goddamn Galactic Gigolo! With your frabba jabba and redneck Jewish hillbillies. Why are you so damn fun?

  • The American Mall

    The American Mall


    Inspired by the Cinema Snob's Musical March in September, I'm watching a few musicals this month. Because I don't want to wait till September.

    Musical March movie # 1

    A few years back I had a slight Nina Dobrev obsession. So seeing this in a bargain bin, I picked it up. I didn't expect much and was pleasantly surprised. While the story isn't anything new and the songs are okay, some being catchy, the film overall is fun and has…

  • Home Stay

    Home Stay

    Stay away. Another found footage film with annoying and dumb characters.

  • Kiss Daddy Goodnight

    Kiss Daddy Goodnight


    This started off so strong, then wandered up it's own asshole and never found it's way back out. I dug the set up, Uma's character and seeing old school '80's New York City. But the movie squanders all that by doing absolutely nothing. Kiss Daddy Goodnight is Driller Killer without the drilling or killing.

  • Metamorphosis



    If only the whole movie had been as batshit crazy as the last 20 minutes.

  • Camouflage



    Leslie Nielsen plays a gruff P.I. in a film that's nothing like the Naked Gun films, but boy does the marketing and opening credits try to convince you otherwise. His character here made me think, what would Jack Reacher had been like if Nielsen had played the character.

  • Final Exam

    Final Exam


    Slasheruary movie #22

    Featuring one of the best chase scenes in a slasher film ever. I love this quirky sucker. Enough so that I own three different releases of it. I finally picked up the Blu for Slasheruary.

  • Sorority House Massacre

    Sorority House Massacre


    Slasheruary movie #21

    There's something I really enjoy about this Halloween/Nightmare on Elm Street mash up. I can put it on and just relax and bask in it's '80's charm.

  • Humongous



    Slasheruary movie #20

    Another fantastic little Canadian slasher. There's not enough Labor Day set slasher films. The trailer is greatness.

  • Maniac



    Slasheruary movie #19

    An excellent remake with a amazing score. I've actually seen this more then the original.

  • Evil Laugh

    Evil Laugh


    Slasheruary movie #18

    "These things don't happen in New York! I just hope a guy in a hockey mask named Jason doesn't show up!"

    The film where Scott Baio's brother pees on a dude. I love obscure one-off 80's slashers like Evil Laugh.

  • Bloody Murder

    Bloody Murder


    Slasheruary movie #17

    Bloody Murder is a movie I watched. It has nothing to do with anything remotely like Friday the 13th or Scream. It's not good, but enjoyable. I prefer part 2, mainly for Tiffany Shepis.