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  • Carol



    merry Christmas. a warning that this is one of those "rare" occasions where my feelings and personal stories become my review so leave now if it isn’t your thing. I tell myself I'll try to do this less next year. it is my 10th review of Carol, my 1001st review on Letterboxd. so what does one do and how does a sleepless person write badly about the same film for the 10th time? I call it "This Carol Rewatch, or…

  • Undine



    a mythical ethereality, Undine is an iteration of habits and histories abound love's inevitable doom. with one of Bach's* beautiful musical pieces undulating its foreboding atmosphere, the Greek myth as its centrepiece holds its characters tightly captive. their fates fastened, appended by a twist which gives the story its bittersweet modernity. a reverberation of romantic lore and fable's place in our brief lives and affairs. while the tragic romance dips in calm waters at first, it is eventually seduced to…

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  • Sister



    this tangled familial drama slips and slides down the cold slope and gloomy skies of dysfunction. Simon, a 12-year old kid, steals from wealthy holidaymakers flocking in a nearby ski resort. mechanical in its initial approach, this film casually rides lifts and escalators, wanders across the snowy plains, looking for the next gloves, goggles, skis, and jackets to nick. while this ostensibly comes across as a case of a delinquent child, it heartrendingly develops into a story of financial and…

  • L'homme atlantique

    L'homme atlantique


    “nothing happens except this absence drowned in regret and which, at this point leaves nothing to weep for.”

    in L’homme atlantique, Duras alchemises the language of grief and memory into a curdling poetics of death. laying our bodies down the casket of black screen and occasional clips of (the after)life, its confrontation of mortality entails a confrontation of our own. the occasional black screen forces us to reconstruct images of beaches, dogs, and birds through our memories. it speaks of…

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  • Sun Don't Shine

    Sun Don't Shine


    ooh this sun-soaked, noirish road trip scorches with its slow-burn excavation of mystery and murder. it perspires in restrained panic and immersive suspense. lovers on the run are exposed to both unflattering, glaring camera angles and gorgeous shots. their unpredictable plan unfolds as vaguely as the view from their moving car's window where trees, streets, and buildings blur into horizontal lines of unrecognition. paranoia and jealousy pack themselves inside the trunk. distrust gives off its putrid smell there. and as…

  • Moonlit Winter

    Moonlit Winter


    the heavy snowfall in Moonlit Winter piles up along the driveway and the streets and is laboriously shovelled and cleared out the next day only to pile up again. an allusion to feelings tucked in so long ago that ebbs and flows whenever the switch of memories is flicked on and off. 

    where there is vulnerability in communication through undelivered letters, words muttered in the air without a response, phrases written on paper without a reader, longing gushes ragingly amidst…