Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry ★★★½

a very quiet and slow film where turmoil is processed within the main protagonist as he finds a person who would help him indirectly to end his life. I consider this the slowest of Kiarostami's films, the long shots proved to be a mirror of the mundane, the silence and confrontation churling and meshing the themes of life and death. the ending is bizarre and it somehow takes you out of the film with its changed setting. but it doesn't really, 7 hrs later Taste of Cherry is still in my mind.

does Taste of Cherry try to romantacize suicide? I have no answer with that but I find issues with how there should be a specific reason to end your life or that the decision to end your own life will instantly disappear with the help/beauty of nature / people—what I am saying is that this not entirely the case. sometimes it takes a lot to go on and nothing can ever make one feel and overturn one's indifference in life.

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