• The Asphalt Jungle

    The Asphalt Jungle


    we are all human, so why are some of us seen as though we are not so?

    in a film that seems like a oh-so-subtle takedown of the stereotypical convention of ‘male-immortality’ in the face of extreme, gangster-related danger, Huston manages to create a perfect masterpiece for Hollywood’s golden age. 

    sometimes, at least for me anyway, things just feel as though they’re just not going your way. no matter how hard you try, anything you do will never seem as…

  • The Earrings of Madame de...

    The Earrings of Madame de...


     I’d rather die than give these up. 

    the obsession with personal belongings that we undertake in our lives that are often so consumed by… consumerism. 

    we may adore a pair of earrings, we may indeed own them, but who’s are those earrings truly? one may have bought them, but is that enough to deem it theirs? who worked to make those earrings? who slaved away to mine those materials for themselves?

    sometimes the very ‘owner’ of such items may even…

  • The African Queen

    The African Queen


    when tragedy strikes us we take on a new meaning, we become an individual with a role that rises above all others. that lies in our physical role, in our ‘job’ to make sure that ourselves and those around us remain stable, and that a path for us is drawn for the future. 

    however, during this time we must renounce all of our own personal means, the inward thoughts that make us whole, that develop us so and allow us…

  • The Structure of Crystals

    The Structure of Crystals


    what constitutes a good life? 

    often we become so caught up in bizarre, meaningless attachments that we find ourselves searching for a purpose within the purposelessness. a mixture of cynicism and blind hope is what gives this view, for we will forever be unsure of success, but will die trying to find it. 

    while this may work for some people, and it is rightly so that it does for it allows a rather simple, whole life, for others this would…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    just saw this at the London Film Festival. i’m beyond blown away.

    what seems most important lies at the heart of this masterpiece is a poignant portrayal of broken dreams and their attachment to the very foundations of our psyche. 

    the word ‘dream’ is so often thrown around, and is most of all often commonplace, stereotypically so, when attributed with careers in the arts. but is this idea of a dream not dangerous in itself, despite the fact it is…

  • Lola



    when you have nothing, everything is a dream.

    the longing for money, for love, for fame is pinned against the value of art throughout the entire film, with a focus on the question of whether we can have it all while still holding onto a connection with our soul. 

    Your hands will never be clean no matter how many times you clean them. 

    you’d be forgiven for thinking that the film was asking you to sympathise with harsh Capitalistic tendencies…

  • The Rules of the Game

    The Rules of the Game


    What’s natural nowadays? 

    isn’t it strange how we are often so quick to make excuses for moral corruption, only based on the fact of social standing? 

    a person may be so entirely corrupt down to the very essence of their being, but if they are a respected soul, if they are seen as one to be looked up to, then we are so suddenly fit into a space of dilemma ourselves, one where we must decide whether to put their…

  • The Young Girls of Rochefort

    The Young Girls of Rochefort


    what if we got denied our dream job, but were later told that if we had been one second earlier, all our dreams would have come true? 

    at the heart of this film are those missed connections that we all face throughout our lives, but beyond that the opportunities also that we can lose so unfairly and for reasons that are unbeknownst to us. 

    i think in our contemporary society these missed opportunities can hurt even more, as we seem…

  • Where Is My Friend's House?

    Where Is My Friend's House?


    we could gain a great deal from learning to acknowledge the perspective of a child, the value of their thoughts and feelings. 

    in a world where much of how we see ‘things’ pertains down to a cynical viewpoint, it can be hard to see any light at all night when surrounded by these constantly dooming thoughts, but what if we had altered that perspective, what if we had all suddenly morphed our viewpoints, of it had been forced upon us,…

  • To Die For

    To Die For


    firstly let me say i could literally cry after having finally been able to get the opportunity to watch this film - i would’ve watched it elsewhere but i couldn’t find good quality for it at all - so thank you to the CC for finally giving this film the recognition it deserves. 

    secondly… idealism. 

    that’s what we’re all offered in life, right? or it’s at least what is made out to us as children. 

    the world that most of…

  • Summertime



    we’ve all had those summer holidays that have just seemed not to go to plan, the ones that just seem to pass us by at the speed of light, yet have not even the slightest value in terms of remembrance. well, that’s exactly what this one is/isn’t. 

    the kind of holiday i speak of is those where you finally go somewhere you’ve longed and dreamed to go for so many years, those where you have saved everything in order just…

  • Masculin Féminin

    Masculin Féminin


    haven’t we become so passive as a society, as a world?

    well, if you haven’t, i know i can be at times. there are just always times where we fall into this trap of accepting, of coming to terms with, and of feeling as though what we have at any one moment, what we’re being given, is all that there is to be had and to give. but is this in itself not a most damaging and almost dangerous fad…