Amateur music critic, casual film-enjoyer.
Trying to get into film.
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  • Soul



    don cheadle origin story

  • Mean Girls

    Mean Girls


    Alright. The Caretaker is an ambient project ran by James Leyland Kirby. His releases have to do with the deterioration of memory and nostalgia. This particular project is the culmination of his whole career and his final album under the Caretaker name. It was released over a series of 6 albums from 2016 to just earlier this year and equates to over 6 hours of music. The album starts with nice turntable music reminiscent of what was popular in the…

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  • Kids



    what is the point of this film? provocation for the sake of provocation? it feels perverted and tries to act like it has a meaningful message beneath it but it doesnt. awfully acted and scripted, easily one of the worst things ive watched.

  • Air Mater

    Air Mater


    Masterpiece. Truly Godard's finest work.