Blindspotting ★★★★½

An incredibly powerful especially with the racial tensions of today. Daveed Diggs has turned into a new favourite actor seeing him in both this and Hamilton. The man gives an incredibly strong performance here as Colin, a felon on his last three days of probation who just wants to keep his nose clean. You can tell it was a film close to Diggs' heart as he both cowrote and produced it too. Him and Rafeal Casal (costar, writer and producer) both have their DNA intertwined into this film and just watching it you know what both men are about.

The film develops it's themes of gentrification, racial profiling and police brutality excellently and someone like me a British white man who is the furthest away from experiencing the things currently happening in America can empathise and start to understand how these things effect us and how it must feel to be on the receiving side of it.

The film also has a dark humorous edge, providing full on belly laughs more than enough times during its run time which gives these characters a real sense of levity and realism as they 'shoot the shit' and engage and chat with each other. They're great to hang out with in these lighter moments but also you root for both of them in the more dramatic times too. Some great set pieces are here to, with scenes designed exclusively to put us in the shoes of Colin and how he feels with visuals only and no dialogue. It's great cinematography and direction.

I think it's a film that everybody should watch to get a better understand of a different point of view and tells its story and explores its theme very well and is entertaining to boot.

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