• Crash


    watching this for the second time, the films focus on fantasy seems more obvious to me, the structuring of an erotic context beyond the physical act of sex itself....the car is less an exoskeleton and more of a condom. it is only useful as an extension of the human body as far as it can be disposed of once the its illusory armor is penetrated. pleasure is derived from the simultaneous upholding of two apparently opposed ideals—on one hand, the…

  • The New York Centerfold Massacre

    The New York Centerfold Massacre

    initially i had no idea what to make of really any louis ferriol film aside from the obvious fact that they are elaborate fetish films. ferriol has not proven shy about his obsessive fixation on womens legs in his movies nor interviews wherein he cites connie mason having her leg amputated in blood feast as early inspiration...and yet something else is apparent, or becomes more apparent after seeing more of his movies. i cant stop watching his work for pretty…

  • Blood


    an untender love story between a vampire and a werewolf, bound to one another in a marriage seemingly arranged by fate of doom—though the film explains their forced relationship as the product of their parents’ shared notion that each are the only one who can handle the other. certainly this is true for regina, constrained to her home by both the light and her husband lawrence’s desire to control her, since his affliction only affects him every full moon. unsurprisingly…

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    rarely have i ever seen a male gaze more deluded.....displacing ultramasculine fantasies of heroism onto a fetishized female body for safe consumption 🙃 when will men simply admit that they love the false sense of power a binaristic gender model affords to them Especially when it is inverted as a markedly male-constructed illusion😑

  • Free Solo

    Free Solo

    reminiscent of herzog’s depiction of the woodcarver steiner, there is a dualistic drive present in this film to both escalate spectacle by playing up the honnold’s apparent abject disavowal of his own humanity for the sake of physical mastery in addition a clear attempt to disarm the fantasy—that is, the illusion, which remains true, that the film would not show you the failure of its fantastic subject in recording his death for instance—via intercepting images of the filmmakers & the labor…

  • Fuses


    schneemann's screen is electrifying; a frenetic creative force becomes increasingly palpable as the texturally and tonally labored image (in terms of tactility and color) spins, switches and expands, bodies onscreen sometimes barely legible in misleading light--sometimes you wonder whether we are seeing the outsides or the insides...and the cat looks on like a benevolent god strangely stable and centered amidst ecstatic shapes and forms

  • The Green Ray

    The Green Ray

    great film that plays with both a dialectic between what is actually seen and what is recognized in absence (or "seen" as presently unseen) as well as between analog and digital filmmaking--according to the origins of dean's piece, the medium of film itself was the secret to capturing the green ray that other filmmakers at the same sunset failed to comprehend as their digital cameras found no trace of the elusive phenomenon...and as a result, one wonders while viewing dean's…

  • Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

    my boyf made me watch both ace ventura films for the first time on the same weekend i think partially ironically, but he also seems to genuinely enjoy certain bits out of some reflexive nostalgia kick....i could care less either way as long as he keeps serving up that good dick but i digress

  • Raw


    shockingly boring. not enough gore to make up for the half-thought out "return of the repressed--with co-eds!" neon-mood narrative, and not enough expressed meaning to support any new psychoanalytic take on violence & sex....evidently someone skipped the hélène cixous reading for their gender studies 101 class and went straight to producing adequately feminist™️ branded horror content à la the witch/the beguiled/xx 😑

  • Law of the Border

    Law of the Border

    incredible film starring the "ugly king" himself, yilmaz güney in a highly culturally specific twist on the western's classic preoccupations with dichotomies like the wild west vs domestication, or the violent past of a land that was necessary to insure an opposing civilized future where those lawless men cannot survive...where law of the border differs perhaps from american westerns slanted on justifying our genocidal past is in its transparent disdain of this so-called civilized future as dictated by the governmental…

  • XX


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    really wanted to like this movie but as all overhyped feminist horror films the results are disappointingly conservative and....white. if i had more time or interest in the overall work i would review those briefly present black female characters in the birthday party (sanai victoria's lucy) and her only living son (lisa renee pitts' mrs. withers) as both struck me as strangely unattended to, as if the filmmakers were unaware that in a horror anthology focused on women's perspectives there…

  • Nightmare


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    really an amazing nutso movie...due to the premise quickly situating our point of view from within george's titular damaged brain, the narrative is consistently speculative as to whether everything we see is really happening. initially george's nightmares clearly function as distanciation techniques placing past murderous acts onto an "other" child he imagines as separate from himself, though in the dream he can safely identify as the child AS unreal...the question stands, is george's son cj merely another nightmare? as the…