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  • Tenet


    some fun with the boys, gets a lil verbose but it's fun to watch things go backwards that you usually see go forwards and pattinson is fun he's having a good time. i didn't know what was going on a lot but i saw some friends and that was nice

    i didn't know the main character was only known as "protagonist" though, and that he refers to himself as that (and often!), that's dumb i wouldn't have done that. i…

  • The Mystery of Chess Boxing

    The Mystery of Chess Boxing

    this made me say "yeeeeah buddy GET IT" to my tv a lot

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  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer

    ive been watching this for days and it has barely existed for that long

    ok some context, i sent like the first minute of this to a groupchat fulla editors as a half joke around noon monday? i think. then like within the hour somebody else sent a couple minutes, and then we all started calling or assigning different chunks of the whole thing and didn't get much sleep and i had to put in a day's work at my actual job but we screened it 9pm tuesday and now it's my favorite movie

  • Men in Black: International

    Men in Black: International


    i worked as a vfx assistant editor on this movie and got invited to a crew screening via a mass bcc'd e-mail. it was on the west side at 7pm on a monday but i made the trip anyway. when i got there my name wasn't on the list, i said i was a vfx assistant editor and they asked whose assistant i was and i said the vfx editors and they said you're not on the list and i…