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  • Avalon



    Even if someone recommends me one, this is the last time i'm watching a live action Mamoru Oshii movie. The picture quality makes it look 10 years older than it really is.
    Shooting in Poland to give it a dystopia feel but it really just looks like Poland so that’s to be ticked off. Then we have a fantastic plot but it’s ruined by the slow rythm, the lack of action and slow or immobile camera shots.
    I’ve fell asleep before, not this time because I stopped before the end and if you’re bored you should too.

  • Rent-A-Pal



    “You are entitled to the things you want”
    Sounds like every Karen around watched that tape 30 years ago...
    Being stuck with your life on hold until you’ll finally be able to get over something you’re mentally prisoner of, looking for every opportunity, every chance of something that deus ex machina into your life to change it and finally make you happy, but when it happens you can’t believed and ultimately ruin it.
    Sad and terrifying.
    Also I’m going to take the Filthy Frank reference as voluntary.
    Still a bit long and slow for my taste.

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  • The White Tiger

    The White Tiger


    I could feel how Balram felt in my gut, the feeling of anger and injustice, fighting against a deeply rooted paradoxal nature, hating the world surrounding him and feeling trapped inside it.
    This is spot on.
    Specially love the very last scene when the shot leads the viewer expecting a classic singing and dancing Bollywood ending credit scene, as the white and more widely non-Indian audience would expect it from an Indian movie but the movie doesn’t act as you expect it, just like the movie tells lower classes to stop acting as expected by the higher ones.

  • The Craft: Legacy

    The Craft: Legacy


    While the original movie is still relevant, I didn’t see the point of this remake (they call it a sequel but let’s be real here).
    Worse, the original movie introduced the girls to witchcraft. Here, it’s already in motion and it looks way too easy. Get that printed book, mix 3 powders and say two sentences and bam.
    Worse, this movie tries to emphase on important topics that weren’t included in the original such as homophobia, feminism, race, etc. But…