Stalker ★★★★

"I knew there'd be a lot of sorrow. But I'd rather know bittersweet happiness than a gray, uneventful life."

The first thing I notice when watching Stalker is something that carries on for the entire film. And that's how amazing it all really looks. It's one of those movies where every frame is a potential gorgeous photo. Outside of the Zone it's an eerie landscape of industrial ruins. All very dreary with a deep feeling of isolation. Very similar to the environment of Eraserhead. Once we see inside the Zone it's a resembling place with an opposite feeling. Quiet, still, yet vibrant. Still very surreal but in a different way. So many factors set the overall mood. The simple but effective use of fog was done perfectly. The music stayed subtle but hypnotic as a backdrop to the visuals. One of the rare movies I have seen that takes set design, dialogue, and overall thought provoking to another level simultaneously. If this was released in 2017 I probably wouldn't have questioned it. It has aged flawlessly. 

As the Stalker leads the way you do get a dangerous feeling but when you think about it what is actually out there to get you? We do see some real evidence of possible dangers but nothing in stone. Is it even real? Any of it? I feel like it might just be something we don't understand so as a result we fear it. It's definitely one that is thought provoking and makes you ask yourself a lot of questions. Questions about life and yourself. Stalker is for sure in line for repeat viewings for me with the good possibility of a bump in score.

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