Kingdom of Heaven ★★★★★

~Director’s Cut~
The socialist anti-religion war epic I always dreamed of ever since I was a wee lad. 
Damn fellas I think we found a new fav 😎 

I did not expect to love this so much lol. Like yeah it’s up my alley, I’m a sucker for anything historical, especially medieval, but I saw this like 10 or so years ago and I remember thinking- “eh” 
But that was the theatrical. 
This baby has it all 
Beautiful cinematography reminiscent of films from the ‘70s and the new Suspiria with its long zooms, fucking excellent dialogue (that nothing - everything line is an all timer, performed to perfection as well),
fuckinnn ORLANDO BLOOM 😛 as a true working class hero, and on top of all that- all the religious goons are out of touch morons!
I’m sorry but I just have to stan. 
- that being said there are def issues with this movie, some scenes still feel rushed despite the over 3 hour runtime, and despite my love for the dialogue generally, there are some moments where sprinkles of modernity creep in and I just have to cringe- YUcK

TLDR; I’m a bitch for medieval war films so when one shits on Christianity non-stop and spams socialist messages- naturally, I cum

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