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"I consider myself a student of cinema and the day I die is the day I graduate." - QT

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  • Beyond the Law

    Beyond the Law


    While Charlie Sheen was in some legitimately good movies in the 80s, his work once the 90s began is often simply weird - but sometimes strangely even more interesting. The perfect start for this phenomenon is 1990's fucked up hot mess buddy movie 'The Rookie' with Charlie and Clint Eastwood - a movie that I guess nobody would refere to as "good" but you also kinda can't help saying it's "fucking awesome".
    In 1993 Sheen was probably looking for any…

  • Seduced by Evil

    Seduced by Evil

    "Suzanne Somers! This is your bad side!"

    There are two reviews on Imdb giving this movie 10 stars, both praising John Vargas' performance and both using the word "delightful", and I'm pretty sure John Vargas wrote them himself.

    Nothing about this movie is delightful. Nothing.

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  • Nightmare Weekend

    Nightmare Weekend


    'Nightmare Weekend' feels like watching at least three different movies at once, all seemingly not connected by a real story.
    It definitely gets better in the second half when it turns from a lengthy softcore erotic film into kind of a horror movie in the last ten minutes, but it takes it's sweet time to get there. Most of this mess was not entertaining enough to justify a higher rating, eventhoug some elements and scenes itself were pretty good. I…

  • Night Angel

    Night Angel


    'Night Angel' is a surprisingly awesome early 90s b-horror movie with that has it all - great gorey KNB effects, some nudity, insane dream sequences, great creatures, Karen Black, Phil Fondacaro (in yet another 'Lilith' themed movie before 'Bordello of Blood'), Doug Jones (NOT playing a creature!), and that all around nice late 80s - early 90s horror vibe. This is a real gem if you're into that kind of video store horror magic.

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  • America 3000

    America 3000


    Still better than America 2020.

  • Double Face

    Double Face


    'Double Face' directed by Italian Gothic expert Riccardo Freda is a bit of an odd mix of krimi and giallo elements paired with late 60s sleaze. Made as a German co-production to go with the popular Edgar Wallace movies, the film's tone and style don't really feel like one of the black-and-white Wallace krimis at all (despite having Klaus Kinski in the lead role, who was a Wallace regular).
    The great Bava-espe lighting, camera work amd great soundtrack make for…