Inferno ★★½

I was looking forward to revisiting 'Inferno' because I never really warmed up to it in the past, but it's been a long time and this was the first watch on a copy that allows you to fully appreciate the visuals. Sadly I still feel the same way about it this time.

This is in a way a great Argento showreel that comes with almost all of his best but also his worst qualities as a director. The colors, cinematography, set design, soundtrack and horror scenes are all great. But the lack of narrative, the constant change of main characters (ultimately sticking with the most boring one) and randomness of events just make it really hard for me to connect to this. There is no point in which I really care what's going on or how this will end. Eventhough dream logic and lose narrative totally work for me in 'Suspiria' (or any Fulci film), 'Inferno' just leaves me cold. You can't deny the beauty of the visual style but in the end it feels like an empty experience.
Also fuck that scene with the cat cruelty.

I guess Luigi Cozzi's 'Black Cat' is my favorite 'Suspiria' sequel after all.

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