A Subconscious Stream

Joy, euphoria glides across the screen, and hypnotizes the viewer into a state of happiness, cathartic; consciousness

A stream of memories, of subconscious; the joys and silent moments that humanity experience; the mosaic of all life, slowly threading into a phantasmagorical web
The images are painted onto the screen, to stay with you.

Moments of ecstasy, yet for humans, they disappear, but they will always return; water, cloud, all sink and twirl into one

The boy wonders alone, he dreams of…something; an existential presence


The dark forces at last infest the screen; a monster laughs through the environments, trying to break through; the evil presence; though it won't last
Darkness is the beast; but not the winner
The mind jars, jarring; but happiness, goodness is here, it is the victor, whatever the surroundings may seem

This is experimental unleashed; the fierceness and rage has no boundaries here, all done in the face of light; intertwined with darkness, but light is always alive; whether it is a huge light, or a small spark in the darkness, it is there
Goodness v Evil
It as a transcendental interpretation of Light v Darkness
The most special thing you can find; much more human, so much more human felt than most people you may meet

A backdrop of a lost city.. distant..

The graceful montage, of goodness, transcending; the ethereal power of the classical sonata, at once puts this piece on a pedestal

These films heal me, in ways maybe beyond my body’s capacity; they really dig deep, deep into the soul…like a fateful distant cry…cry of hunger and anger

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