From Caligari to Hitler: The Complete List

Here's a complete list of every German film discussed in Siegfried Kracauer's From Caligari to Hitler. Original German titles and their English translation will be given and a director and year when the information is available.
Don Carlos (ca. 1910)
Under a Hot Sun (1910)
Keimendes Liebe/Germinating Life (1918)
Vom Rande des Sumpfes/From the Verge of the Swamp (1919)
Verlorene Töchter/Lost Daughters (William Kahn, 1919)
Hyänen der Lust /Hyenas of Lust (Otto Rippert, 1919)
Das Mädchen und die Männer/The Girl and the Men (Manfred Noa, 1919)
Vow of Chastity (ca. 1919)
Manege (Max Reichmann, 1927)
Homesickness (1927)
Das Fröliche Weinberg/The Gay Vineyard (1927)
Dona Juana (1928)
Natur und Liebe (1925?)
Der Son der Hagar/Out of the Mist (Fritz Wendhausen,…