Concrete Cowboy

Concrete Cowboy ★★★

“you don’t have to get out to grow up”

concrete cowboy is a movie full of heart and featuring excellent performances from caleb mclaughlin and idris elba. although strong in concept, the movie falls a little flat in execution with jumpy plotlines and inconsistent pacing that makes it a little hard to connect to any of the characters on a significant level. 

however, the brilliant camera work and beautiful score/soundtrack as well as the overwhelmingly warm sense of community that permeates the screen made this a really endearing watch that i definitely enjoyed. 

this was a very sweet and genuine story (as emphasized by the anecdotes of real philadelphia riders playing throughout the end credits), and it’s obvious that it was made with a lot of love. 

thanks to tiff for screening this movie (for a hefty price of $26 aha wallet hurting)!

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