Spider-Man 3 ★★½

Where do all these guys come from?

What a clusterfuck. There’s a lot of good here but so much bad. Too many villains and too many plotlines. Tobey Maguire‘s effortless performance as Peter Parker is wasted on this mess. 

Despite the second act lasting forever, the third act comes out nowhere, hitting the audience harder than the cinderblock that MJ drops on Venom. Pete and Harry’s team up at the end was forced, Eddie’s entire plot was underdeveloped, and Sandman should’ve been cut entirely in my opinion. I think this could’ve been great if the film had focused solely on Pete’s rivalry with Harry and his relationship tensions with MJ. I like the idea of the symbiote too but maybe only if it affected Pete and they just left Eddie out of it, or set him up for the next movie. But again, everything with Sandman was heavy-handed, disconnected and boring. 

Oh, and poor Bryce Dallas Howard. They did Gwen Stacy dirty.

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