Rocky II

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This review may contain spoilers.

"I saw you beat that man like I never saw no man get beat before... and the man kept coming after you."
Rocky 2 picks up immediately after the Bicentennial Bout, and from the time Rocky leaves the chapel until he sees his son for the first time, it all feels wrong. Adrian and Rocky's relationship seems awkward, as though every moment has her reconsidering the decision she's made, though this may be due to Talia Shire's performance coming across as counter to Adrian's actual feelings. In addition, Rocky is very out of place himself and feels a bit dimmer than he did in the first movie. However, this all actually works to the film's credit, showing how twisted Rocky feels inside over trying to live his life denying himself as a boxer, even when everything around him is telling him he's better off dropping out. It's only once Adrian tells him to go for it that the hand of fate picks Rocky out of the gutter and cleans him off. Admittedly, Superfight 2 feels less cathartic than the Bicentennial Bout did, but it makes up for that with some incredible cinematography from Rocky's POV as Apollo keeps pounding on that bum eye of his. There isn't as great a message or moral to the picture as the first, but it's still entertaining regardless.