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  • Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing

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    There are a lot of plot points throughout the thing that, through the modern view, seem they'd go the other way. That Penny would still harbor feelings for Johnny, that Neil would feel himself owed a relationship Baby, or that Dr. Houseman would actively disallow Baby to associate with Johnny's type. The fact that none of this happens makes the film seem more grounded than it actually is. I thoroughly enjoyed this, but it isn't really the type of thing…

  • Fletch Lives

    Fletch Lives

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    The sequel only cements further the dissapointment that Fletch didn't become a household name. Forcing Fletch to solve the murder mystery he finds himself at the center of is a good escalation from the French Connection-esque exploit he found himself in previously, especially with the interstate real estate fraud twist. I imagine a hypothetical 3rd Fletch movie might up the ante further, possibly involving the election for president, or at least governor. But alack and alas, the most we've heard…

  • Fletch


    What I had expected to be a farce to counter the works of the esteemed Zucker Abrams Zucker instead was a twisted yet straightforward action comedy in the same vein of Beverly Hills Cop. This is one of the few times I have been thrilled to have my expectations subverted. I think the reason this film isn't as popular as Eddie Murphy's Trilogy may be to do with people's tendency to hate Chevy Chase since he is, in fact, a horrible person in real life. And it may also be that the main theme used for it isn't as catchy as Axel F.

  • Jingle All the Way

    Jingle All the Way

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    The memories I have of this feature begin and end with the Wintertainment Parade scenes - aside from the classic line "Put that cookie down" - because I had forgotten how much of it was composed of the subplot where Phil Hartman is trying to seduce Arnold's wife and how extensive the enmity between Arnold and Myron the Mailman was. It was most surprising for me to realize this is one of those "set in one day" movies, even if…

  • Weekend at Bernie's II

    Weekend at Bernie's II

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    Charles & Henry add a lot of flavor to the sequel, since Richard & Larry are already so familiar to us. The soundtrack is once again a high point, although it's a lot more than the one song from the original, which is good for the plot as well. Old Terry sure has a lot more to do this time around. The ending is the strangest of all, that Rich forgets about Gwen in NY and Larry doesn't get with Claudia. Like Homer Simpson, I'd love to see where they'd take it had they made a third one, though I don't know what he means by "closure."

  • Weekend at Bernie's

    Weekend at Bernie's

    Terry Kiser gives the performance that made him a household name as a crash test dummy. I was elated throughout the movie to think "he made bank off just slumping around." I also liked the theme song by Andy Summers. There's not much else to say about the thing, it's a classic summer comedy that never insists on itself too much. What more could you ask for?

  • Total Recall

    Total Recall

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    I can neither give my usual first impressions, nor my considerations to whether or not the film held up since my first viewing, since I can't actually remember if I've watched it before or not.
    Although it seems like a funny bit, I really don't know. It's possible it just has been that long since my intitial viewing, but there are so many little scenes I don't recollect at all. Hell, I forgot about Benny.
    But what everyone wants to…

  • Rocky IV

    Rocky IV

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    "Whatever he hits, he destroys."
    Rocky 4 is as outlandish as Rocky 2 is boring. The emotional core of the film, the journey of self discovery Rocky travels on, seems to be in direct opposition to that of Rocky 3. Rocky fights against Drago to redeem the memory of Apollo, and argues with his wife over his needing to do this: that he's a fighter, and he can't change. We must keep in mind that this is the 4th installment…

  • Rocky III

    Rocky III

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    "You and that chump don't know where I came from. You call yourself a fighter, prove it now. Give me that same chance."
    Rocky 3 takes everything that Rocky 2 did wrong and not only fixes it, but improves on it to make a better movie than the original. Rocky is smarter, harder, faster, and the rest of the movie is too. The romance between him and Adrian is more refined, his relationship with his son is neither overbearing nor…

  • Rocky II

    Rocky II

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    "I saw you beat that man like I never saw no man get beat before... and the man kept coming after you."
    Rocky 2 picks up immediately after the Bicentennial Bout, and from the time Rocky leaves the chapel until he sees his son for the first time, it all feels wrong. Adrian and Rocky's relationship seems awkward, as though every moment has her reconsidering the decision she's made, though this may be due to Talia Shire's performance coming across…

  • Rocky


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    "Apollo Creed meets the Italian Stallion - sounds like a damn monster movie!"
    The story Rocky tells isn't about the fight that takes place at the end, or about America being the land of Opportunities. From the first time we see Rocky outside of the ring, every interaction he has with those around him is a genuine effort: his encouragement of the singers in the street, trying to get the puppies attention through the pet shop window, practicing the joke…

  • The Fabulous Baker Boys

    The Fabulous Baker Boys

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    I can't specify the date for this, as I normally would do with a movie I haven't watched before, due to it taking me a week and three different sittings to slog through it.
    The Fabulous Baker Boy is good until it isn't, and the scene where this change occurs is the one directly after our romantic leads kiss on New Years. As soon as that balloon bounces into frame, you can bounce the tape on out of your VCR.…