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This review may contain spoilers.

“You spend all your time daydreaming and watching those silly movies on the TV and on your projector.”

Fade To Black is a 1980 psychological horror comedy film written and directed by Vernon Zimmerman and stars Dennis Christopher (It, 1990) as a shy and lonely cinephile who embarks on a killing spree against his oppressors while impersonating classic film characters.

With homages to classic cinema — particularly classic horror and slashers, Fade To Black almost feels like a subtle precursor to Scream, if Scream was to focus on its killers rather than Sidney.

With a twisty, interesting narrative balanced by an insane performance from Christopher (who I always liked the most out of the adult Losers in It), Fade To Black is a pretty fun movie.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some weird editing and a cop side plot that only harms the pacing, but the film is quite good, especially for the Easter eggs it presents.

Overall, I definitely recommend this fairly underrated slasher flick as it definitely is a fun one, plus there’s an appearance from a young Mickey Rourke which is cool.

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