Safety Not Guaranteed ★★★★

“Safety Not Guaranteed” is completely original; from its casting to its directing, to its screenplay the movie is uniquely enjoyable. The movie follows a recent graduate, Darius, on an internship with a Seattle magazine. Her first real journalistic assignment is to respond to a classified ad from a person seeking a time travel companion. Darius, along with another intern, and a seasoned magazine employee, Jeff, seek to find the truth about the sincerity of the classified. The three discover Kenneth is responsible for the ad. He is a kind but paranoid man with an unrevealing past who whole heartedly believes he has a mission to go back in time. Darius is able to bond with Kenneth because of her own unfortunate backstory. The movie is told chronologically as Darius and Kenneth’s relationship progress which perfectly reveals truths about the characters in time.

The movie constantly begs the question of “what if?” in many of the characters, even in those characters who don’t believe in time travel. Jeff, the most cynical character, wants to relive his past by rekindling an old romance with a girl from his youth. Kenneth and Darius want to relive the past by changing the course of events in their lives. This is why the movie resonates so well for me. I think everyone can relate to this idea of regret or nostalgia in some capacity.