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  • Scale Lente

    Scale Lente

    WARSHADFILM is a Milan-based duo composed of Tiziano Doria and Samira Guadagnuolo, who also run the Làbbash film lab. One of WARSHADFILM’s frequent practices consists in juxtaposing found footage sequences with original text compositions. Made in 2019, Scale Lente (Slow Stairs) pairs a hypnotic shot-counter-shot of two women (one of which is endlessly descending a flight of stairs) with the following poem: savvy as a feather, I run away from nothingness, I dismantle the beginning and redo the end. I breathe white air, eyes open, under the black earth.

  • La Señal Cósmica

    La Señal Cósmica

    Leandro Varela’s body of work is rooted in hand-drawn animation and incorporates traditional cameraless filmmaking practices. The result is a cinema made of minimal gestures and radical length choices (most of his films run under a minute). A conceptual piece with a slight hint of sci-fi, La Señal Cósmica (The Cosmic Signal) shows a series of messages encoded on film by puncturing and scratching the emulsion.

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  • Tobacco Barns Light Studies

    Tobacco Barns Light Studies

    Short and silent documentary film, presented in an almost lavender-toned black and white; a study of the abstraction created by the light passing through the barns’ cracks.

  • Valdediós


    Alternating Super8 footage and digital stop motion animation with joy and playfulness, Elena Duque crafts a shaky – yet balanced – dimension where a village and the universe meet and collapse together, where even the Bach lute suite is shaky and doesn’t know if it is going to tumble down or fly even higher.