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  • The Undoing

    The Undoing


    Who killed her ? We go back and forth on this , it’s dramatic, there’s massive fall out inflicted .. red herrings are tossed around, unsure of who may have done it until the last 10 minutes .. it was a good drama of this sort of thing but nothing particularly original ... all the performances were stellar, Donald Sutherland refers to himself as “not your ordinary cocksucker” and that’ll be one of the most memorable moments lol .. that…

  • Queen of Earth

    Queen of Earth


    You can get out of someone else’s cycle but you can’t get out of your own...

    Two friends staying at a lakeside cabin to get away, one from her boyfriend that just dumped her.. the way these two girls talk to eachother & others is straight up Crazy. They’re cruel and disrespectful and it makes them very hard to like but I still found them really interesting to watch.. Moss as usual is outstanding and over the course of the film…

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  • Run



    A smart young handicapped girl with college dreams realizes her Mom is troubled... 
    I liked how tense this got especially around the halfway mark I forgot to breathe at one scene! The overall story though while it had twists I kinda saw them coming and the plot itself was ok, I’ve seen this story done before and better.. little disappointed

  • Des


    It’s actually a relief to get this off my chest 

    Des gave me chills, similar to the jinx , mindhunter and The golden glove . Actually I kept thinking how this feels like a spin off sequel to The Golden Glove but with a very different lead. It simply wasn’t enough for Des to kill people he needed it to be out in the open and at that point he just never stopped trying to manipulate the scenario.. great performance by Tennant as expected, this is an ice cold mini series ..

    I could never have stopped