Possessor ★★★★

An utterly awesome film that is perhaps more viscerally satisfying than, ultimately, it is intellectually - but there are still a lot of smarts here.

You can connect very far away dots to make one hell of a thesis and to draw out so much philosophy and politics, but that is more viewer than film. It uses a lot of vague and evocative imagery - but it does use this very well.

The premise is astonishing and the narrative is hugely engaging - going very interesting places. It picks up more ideas than it explores but I’d rather that than not exploring the territory it does. The visuals are faultless and the aesthetic just sublime. It gets very violent but in very coherent ways that add to the overall package.

An awesome movie. So many open mouthed moment; so much to think about in terms of ideas about the self and very entertaining. It is for a certain type of viewer, a twisted one, but that sure is me and I love this movie.

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