Holiday Engagement ★★★

I can't believe Netflix didn't think I would like this movie. Sometimes I think all Netflix sees when it looks at me is who it wants me to be, not who I am. It has one of my favorite bad Christmas movie romance tropes! The fake fiance who the girl falls in love with and makes her forget all about the good-on-paper douchebag that dumps her right before the holidays. They even get married at the end. But so many questions!
How did Hillary return Jason's car? Did Hillary and David actually honeymoon in Mexico? Did either one of them find useful gainful employment? Is Hillary's dad going to jail? What's up with Haylie Duff's absentee husband?
Is this movie good? Not really, no. But nobody expected this movie to be good. This is a fucking Hallmark Channel movie. It's light and fun and it has that whole unrealistic "all you need is love" message that I love. Plus it has Shelley Long in it! And Jordan Bridges is too cute.
Are all made-for-TV Christmas romance movies the same? Yeah, usually. Do I care? Not even a little bit. I am what I am. Did I mention that Jordan Bridges is adorable?