Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

I saw this on release and liked it but didn't love it and as is always the case when a Tarantino film has just come out it created a lot of buzz but the reactions on Letterboxd were probably more mixed then usual. I just remember how many reviews were clogging up the activity feed at the time and I was reading a whole lot of reviews on it weather positive, negative or somewhere in between and was understanding where people were coming from for the most part. At the time I was extremely busy with work and really wasn't writing or even watching much and eventhough I knew how I felt about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood I felt like it was best to just wait for a re-watch before I reviewed it. So today was when I finally found the time to just relax and give Tarantino's latest another watch. As far as how I view Quentin Tarantino he's not one of my absolute favourites but he is consistent in quality. He does his thing well which is to study his many influences and pretty much sample other elements from an unlimited amount of different types of films and put them together to create an always entertaining and well-executed whole.

As for this movie i'm still not sure if I'd say that I loved it, not much changed for me apart from probably feeling like it seemed a bit more well paced eventhough it still doesn't always execute all it's ideas perfectly for me. The amount of maturity Tarantino shows here is really impressive and when first seeing it I was a little caught off guard by how much of a straight drama/comedy this was as opposed to how hyper-stylized and over the top his work generally is but it does happen to just work with the subject matter at hand. It is in many ways a hangout movie and is a love letter to that incredible era of 60s Hollywood that had a dark end which Tarantino brilliantly puts a spin on. I like the mixture of humor and melancholy that's felt and the chemistry between the characters of Leo's (Rick) and Pitt's (Cliff) both have great arcs and do well at playing characters that are so incredibly different from each other but have a convincing friendship. As for the supporting performances they're mostly good with some working better then others, not much to complain about although i'm one of the people that didn't like the Bruce Lee portrayl at all. The production and costume design is pretty much without fault and I can say the same about the soundtrack and the typically good screenplay. It's well edited and masterfuly shot, it's also often really quite moving and overall whilst not being one of his great films I'm very glad I watched it twice.

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