Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry ★★★★★

Abbas Kiarostami's 1997 film isn't very pleasant for those wanting entertainment but it is a very masterfully executed film. So a man wants out of this world and he doesn't seem to want to think twice no matter how many people would attempt convincing him otherwise. That might be the most disturbing and sad part about the film, because to watch this film one must be aware that what they will be watching is a depressive film following a man actually asking people to help him commit suicide.

He has it all planned out perfectly, seemingly without any second thoughts and the film is so realistic, it's style is like a documentary style but not to the point of it being found footage style or anything like that, what I'm saying Is that it all looks and feels very real. We get in-depth character studies, it's perfect on a technical level and kept me engaged all the way through even if it wasn't a fun ride, life just isn't always and credit to Kiarostami for treating such a difficult subject with great understanding.

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