The Insatiable Widow

The Insatiable Widow ★★½

Even as she was getting older and put on a little bit of weight,Isabel Sarli was still making softcore erotic dramas with her husband Armando Bo as he once again took the lead actor,scriptwriter,and directorial reigns of this film that has them as a married couple who are experiencing major rockiness in their relationship as Bo visits a psychiatrist(Santiago Gomez Cou) who suggests that Sarli have adulterous stands with various men,as well as(at one point) with a woman in a public bathroom,which brings even more tension. Containing not as much nudity as their previous films,INSACIABLE(with its title translating in English as INSATIABLE[with no relations to the 1980 Marilyn Chambers porn film of the same name]) is the least entertaining of their films as the storyline here is rather dull and uninspired,even if it still has some bizarre visuals which includes Sarli hallucinating of older men and fat ladies dancing in their underwear to the 50s song "Rock Around The Clock",a fully clothed comical segment with a guy in a trailer,Bo getting into a fistfight with one of Sarli's male suitors,and Sarli baring her breasts during sex in the snow and near on a tree in the local wilderness. Filmed in 1976 after the more controversial A BUTTERFLY IN THE NIGHT,INSACIABLE is a much more lighter film even if it is still a softcore erotic drama at heart but is yet lacking the heavy sexuality and the hard hitting impact of their earlier efforts. A.K.A.: THE INSATIABLE WIDOW(its brief American release title).