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  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    "In the Heights" is exactly the kind of electrifying theatrical experience I longed for since theaters closed their doors. It's a jubilant celebration of individuality with one banger after another and setpieces that will surely rival any blockbuster released this year. When it comes to crafting a rich story, piling on likable character types, versatile lyrics, emotional heft, and a vibrant pastiche, Lin-Manuel Miranda can have the crown.

    Read the full review on "Influx Magazine:" influxmagazine.com/in-the-heights-2021-review/

  • Giants Being Lonely

    Giants Being Lonely

    I enjoy a good piece of impressionistic filmmaking from time-to-time. It's been a while since I've seen a film as deliberately sparse as "Giants Being Lonely." It saw its premiere in Venice back in 2019, but didn't see a release in the states until this spring for reasons unclear. Not that this would've been a barnburner had it saw a conventional theater-release, but as an unassuming watch in the middle of the afternoon, it takes its time putting its spell…

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  • Recess: School's Out

    Recess: School's Out

    I remember, during the last week of fourth grade, the administration, I guess, ran out of things to teach us, so they gathered the entire class in the hallway to watch this movie.

    It was awesome and still my favorite memory of elementary school.

    Looking back, the movie is all right, but the TV series is still one of the smartest animated shows ever made, comfortably residing next to "Arthur" as a show that truly understood kids and how to profile their ideas and identify them better than even they could.