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  • Soul


    an extrapolation of a ram dass documentary thru literally just wreck it ralph again

    eta: the psychedelic pirate ship hadn’t showed up when i posted this

    eta: wait a second he just turned into the cat lmao what’s wrong w me 🤠

    how did the cat soul get back in the cat body

  • Revolutionary Road

    Revolutionary Road

    sam mendes just letting supremely talented actors just go off

    i wanna b in an over-air-conditioned acting studio with a messianic old ex-new yorker hunched in the back screaming one of their fight scenes w some himbo nobody-yet actor

    i have a feeling the text on which this is based is really vibrant and dimensional but on screen it feels a little desiccated, it’s so literally beige

    the actual NERVE of kathy bates

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread

    the women !!!

    a prism: one angle, a man reflecting on his ever-evolving relationship to the past present and future women in his life a la 8 ½. another angle, his relationship to his own creativity the soul el alma, to capitalism, to where does the show end and business begin. the intersection of creativity and sex, creation. divinity ! but the prism is constantly turning, nothing is lighted on for too long. dazzling stunning

    this was my first time…

  • Waiting for Guffman

    Waiting for Guffman

    i realized this watch that 5 mins in i’m like “oh this is my favorite part,” and 5 mins later i’m like “omg wait this is my favorite part,” and i do that all the way until the end and i swear to god i’m just doubled over laughing like a kid the whole time.