Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★

The 80s are my generation (X), and I was 13-22 during them which is why I got almost every reference in the film and that was definitely fun for me. There was one about my favorite little seen sci-fi film (Silent Running) that made me particularly happy. I also greatly enjoyed both Art3mis and Aech. The song choices made me laugh. I was entertained.

But here's the thing, I don't play and have never enjoyed video games. So, umm, that greatly reduced my overall excitement for the plot or really any sense of putting myself in the film. Plus, the ending was far too twee, but I was grateful it was a true (and rather sweet, except for some virtual gore) kid's film. Maybe I'm aging out of some of this?

Also, pet peeve: Wouldn't there be A LOT more overweight people in the "real" world if all anyone did was play Oasis all day? And no, I don't buy that everyone is on a treadmill for 8+ hrs. And no, in 27 years we won't all mostly be fit especially if we never leave home.

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