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  • Sans Soleil
  • Close-Up
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Possession

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  • Last Night in Soho


  • Funeral Parade of Roses


  • Galaxy Quest


  • 22 Jump Street


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  • Halloween



    Really the most unsettling thing in this movie is that Allyson calls her grandma "grandmother" when talking about (and even to) her without missing a beat. As if that's a thing people, not AI assistants, would say.

  • Dune



    Maybe the one movie ever where reading the book might have actually enhanced my enjoyment rather than distracting from it. So many names thrown around and allusions to things that never pay off because we are seeing half a story makes this a tough one to grade, and the type of movie you watch with the full knowledge that this will be a much more satisfying movie years down the line when the sequel(s) allow you to properly marathon it…

Popular reviews

  • Eraserhead


    Assigning a star rating to this movie would be like grading a Salvador Dali piece with a star rating. It's utterly absurd and simplifies the work to the point of insult. Eraserhead has more in common with a Dali painting than another film at your multiplex, it's a piece of art, not entertainment. I would be more comfortable sitting and watching this in a gallery than a theatre with twelve-dollar popcorn combos.

    People constantly wonder what this or that means,…

  • Cremaster 3

    Cremaster 3

    One of the most fucked up movies I've ever paid thousands of dollars worth of tuition to watch.