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Actress Maggie Smith won an Academy Award for playing an actress who didn’t win an Academy Award. An icon.

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  • Predator 2

    Predator 2


    I'm still surprised by how much I enjoyed the first Predator, and I'm even more surprised now that I enjoyed Predator 2. This is basically the first film all over again but this time with a city backdrop instead of the forest. We still don't get all that much information regarding these aliens and instead I ended up with even more questions concerning them. But the action is really exciting, the pacing is really quick and the characters were pretty fun as well. Predator 2 was something I could easily turn me mind off to and just enjoy the insanity for what it was.


  • Boar



    The creature design and gore effects are amazing in this! The way this monstrous boar looked and the bloodbath he delivers on these unsuspecting Australians was a blast to watch. Unfortunately, for the aptly titled, Boar the rest of the film was really awful to watch. It sort of felt like the writers stopped caring about the screenplay after they decided what this film was going to be about. From the underwritten characters, the illogical decision making from just about…

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  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    This was insufferable.

    I hated every single thing about this movie. From the cast. To the characters. To the screenplay. To the story. To the editing. Aaron Sorkin seems to have a lot he wants to say, but has no idea how to say it. He directed this just like he writes, with all this haste and speed, but no subtlety. I don’t care how truthful this adaptation is to the real events, the way Sorkin wrote and directed…

  • Rope



    I just wanna find a man who will host a dinner party with me after we murdered someone and hid their body in a wooden chest. 🥺 Is that too much to ask?

    99/100 (+2)