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  • Luca



    I love it more when animated films don't shy away from the fantastical while being a more grounded affair instead of a "let's save the world" kind of thing. It reminded me of Studio Ghibli movies. Finally, I get the aesthetics that recall Call Me By Your Name but aside from that, it's a better, and more heart-wrenching spin that I have a feeling a lot people who've been treated as "other" can relate to.

  • The Dead

    The Dead


    Amazing practical gore and visuals. The setting and cinematography really help in painting a haunting picture. Sadly, the film didn't captivate me on several occasions and the narrative didn't have a clear path.

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  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid

    Ari Aster, wassup??? 👀 (I haven't actually seen this movie!)

  • The Swerve

    The Swerve


    A grounded psychological thriller that's more drama than horror, though I'd have no problem with someone labeling this horror. What our lead character goes through in her mundane day-to-day is shown as convincingly sanity-breaking. I thought it was quite unpredictable as I didn't know what she was going to be capable of or if she's going to have a breaking point. There are no supernatural demons here. No psychopaths. Just a character falling down a rabbit hole.