Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Another Tarantino Film, Another Enjoyable Tarantino Film. Where Do I Even Start....

Leo & Brad Were Great Together In This, Every time They Were On Screen It Was Magic. Leo Is One Of My Favorite Actors So Of Coarse I Was Going To Enjoy His Role. Brad’s Character And Story Was Very Enjoyable & Unique.

The Music Was Great As It Is A Staple In Tarantino’s Movies. It Definitely Made Me Feel Like I Was In The 60’s. Now I Can’t Stop Listening To Rolling Stones Song Out Of Time. Tarantino Is A Master Of Having Songs Make You Feel Like Your In That Specific Decade Or Era.

The Setting Was Also 60’s. Seeing Things Like Old Movie Sets And Theaters And Even Having Dean Martin’s The Wrecking Crew Cameo Were Cool To See. A lot Of Driving Around Sequences in This One But Hey That’s Fine By Me.

The Sharon Tate Randomness Was Ok, The Film Perhaps Would Have Been Better Without Her But Hey Tarantino Was Paying Tribute To Her And It Really Makes You Think What Could Of Been.

And Of Coarse We Got That Tarantino Ending...Shocking And Wild. I Was Not Expecting That At All. Poor Hippies HaHa. That Final Exchange With Rick & Jay Then With Sharon Wow That Was Special To See.

All In All Another Good Film By Mr. Tarantino. He Has Yet To Disappoint. His Style Is So Unique Which Is One Thing I Love About Him. Great Casting As Well. You Even Get Some Tarantino Usual Cameos Sprinkled In. “TARANTINO-9TH-RIGHT”

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